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Immigration and Domestic Workers of Singapore.

Singapore is an island located between Indonesia and Malaysia. It started as a British colony trading center in 1819 and the growth of the city is due to immigration that happened after world war II. The colonial economy supported the country as laborers from India, china, and Malaysia moved to the country. Between 1942 to 1945, immigration was temporarily halted due to the Japanese occupation.

After the independence of Singapore, immigration rules were put in place limiting immigration to people capable of contributing to the socioeconomic development. The new rules minimized the population of nonresidents. Later on in 1980 when the state was industrialized migration resumed and has continued up to date. The vast majority of immigrants are either in search of education or work opportunities. The population is subdivided depending on the length of stay. There are citizens and permanent residents and there are nonresidents who comprise of students and those working and living temporarily in Singapore. The main difference between permanent immigrants and citizens is the fact that citizens have the right to vote in general elections. In December 2012, out of the total 3,357,600 employed people in Singapore, over 1,268,300 were immigrant workers.Most of the immigrants are low-skilled workers who get employed in the service, construction, marine and domestic labor. When it comes to maids in Singapore the law stipulates that they should be at least 23 years old. Some travel to Singapore with the help of recruitment agents who match them with families that require their services. They usually charge a processing fee which they use to prepare their travel documents and settle them with families in need of maids.Agencies take the time to offer basic training to the maids because they understand that those looking for maid services are after professionals. There is also a background and cultural difference and potential maids are taught so that they can accommodate the differences between them and their employers. Depending on the type of employer you can be a stay in maid or a day bug. A stay in is paid less since accommodation, clothes and food are provided by the employers. Most of the maids are advised to register with agencies so that they can receive fair wages and increase their chances of getting jobs.

There are employers who harass and mistreat their domestic workers and most of the foreign maids do not have an avenue to seek help. Maid agencies in Singapore seek to protect foreign maids by being the ones who allocate jobs and payments. Maids in Singapore who started working independently have various experience and it is especially worse for foreign immigrants. Some of them have been lured to jobs only to be sold off as sex slaves while others have been forced to work in deplorable conditions.

Those with work permits can only work for one employer at a time, and in the occupational field they have been listed under. They can, however, get a sponsored employment transfer. Regular checkups and physical examinations are necessary. Foreign workers are not allowed to marry citizens without an approval from the work permits controller. When a foreign worker's contract is terminated, they have seven days to leave Singapore.

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