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About Sheila

Sheila is a Midwife Graduate and has taken a Caregiver course. She has more than 7 yrs experience as a helper. She knows how to take care of babies and children ranging from 0 to 11 yrs old. She also have 1 1/2 yrs experience as a Caregiver in Phils taking care of Male and Female elderly stroke patient who were bedridden. She can look after dogs and cats. Being the eldest in family, she's responsible, very patient, understanding and caring person. She's willing to have 0 to 1 day off per mth.
- Elizabeth, UEA Interviewer

Sheila (A10032723)


: Ex-Singapore


: Filipino

Place of Birth

: Cotabato


: 39


: 150 m


: 58 kg


: Catholic

Marital Status

: Single

Age of Children


Education Level

: Graduate

Other Qualification

: Midwifery/Caregiver

Basic Salary & Day Off

: $600 & 4 Days Off

Last Drawn Salary & Day Off

: $570 & 1 Day Off

Available From

: Anytime


Able to speak:

Able to understand:





Able to understand:




Are you willing to have NO day off?

: Yes

Are you able to work with another helper?

: No

Are you prepared to take off on a weekday?

: No

Are you willing to wash car?

: Yes

Can you handle pork?

: Yes

Can you swim?

: No

Do you eat pork?

: Yes

Can you handle pets?

: Yes

Have you suffered from any allergy?

: No

Can you handle dogs?

: Yes

Are you able to accept a vegetarian diet?

: Yes

Can you handle cats?

: Yes


Working Experience:

Able to cook:

Care for Newborn

Care for Children

Care for Elderly

Care for Disabled

Chinese Food

Filipino Food

Able to follow recipes

Able to cook :

Chinese Food

Filipino Food

Able to follow recipes


Singapore: 1 Employer for Year & 6 Months
Malaysia: 1 Employer for 2 Years & 10 Months
Middle East: 1 Employer for 2 Years & 3 Months


Name of Employer

: Mr Ng

Date of Employment

: Jun 2015 to Apr 2018


: Malaysian

Total Family Members

: 4

Type of Residence

: Landed

Present Age of Child

: 3(B) and 2(B)

Country of Employment

: Malaysia

Present Age of Elderly


Reason for Leaving

: Finished Contract and I went home to take a rest.

Job Scope

Care for Newborn

Care for Infant

Care for Children

General Housework


Interviewer Remarks

Both her employer and spouse in Malaysia are working so she has to work independently. She's doing all the household chores in a 2 storey landed house. She also cook for the fmly. Sometimes, the children sleep with her whenever her Ma'am work overtime She has worked for a Chinese fmly of 9 members in Spore for 6 mths only. She was not able to finish her contract because she's the only helper to take care of the Employer's twin nephews 6 m.o., niece 4 y.o. She bathe, feed,change diapers, put the babies to sleep. Employer's children are quite big already and they are 9, 11. She's doing all the housework in a 2 storey landed house, wash car and does not cook much because most of the time Grandma cook. She has also worked in Kuwait for 2 yrs 3 mths for a fmly of 8. The children ages were 4, 9, 13, 16, 18, 24. She's the only helper and she take care of the 4 yrs old girl. She bathe, feed and bring the child to school. She only have to cook for the child. She also wash a car too.

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