Hiring Myanmese Maids

Hiring Myanmese Maids

As of recent years, hiring a Myanmese maid or Burmese maid has been getting more and more popular. One of the main reason is because in terms of salary, the Myanmese maid salary is one of the lowest as compared to the Filipino maids or Indonesian Maids in Singapore.

Besides the salary as one of the main consideration, it is widely known that Myanmese maids are great caregivers to elderly. And because we live at a time whereby the population in Singapore is ageing fast, most families would prefer hiring a Myanmese maid to take care of their elderly rather than other nationalities.

It is also more cost effective to hire a full time live-in Myanmese maid to take care of the elderly or disabled, as compared to placing your elderly in the home or to even hire a private nurse to care for them. To read more about why you should hire a maid instead of sending your elderly to an elderly home care, you may wish to read our blog article here.

But of course for fair comparison, you should also read another of our blog article which talks about the benefits of an elderly home care for your elderly so you can make the best decision for your elderly care. That article can be found here.

When hiring a Myanmese maid, one important point to look out for is the age of the Myanmese maid. There have been a lot of cases whereby unscrupulous maid agents bringing in underage Myanmese maid which is wrong as the legal age is 23 years and above. Singapore raised the minimum age for maids from 18 to 23 in 2005. If you wish to read up on some of the recent news article on this issue, you can read them here here and here too.

You may think that the risk lies on the Myanmar maid agency or Myanmar maid supplier who brings in these underage maids from Myanmar, but fact of the matter is you will also stand to lose the agency fees which you paid upfront to the Myanmar maid agency if they are taken to task. As stated in the article I quote: "Madam Chan, 29, sent both home, not wanting to be penalised for hiring underage maids. She lost around $3,000 in fees."

So it's not only the responsibility of the Myanmar maid agency but it is also the employer who hire these Myanmese maids. The best thing to do is if it's discovered the Myanmese maid look younger than her indicated age in the biodata, reject the Myanmese maid immediately. Do not allow the Myanmar maid agency to handover the Myanmese maid to you. Threaten to call up the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) at 6438 5122 should they insist. Make a reselection or simply insist on getting back your money as the Myanmar maid agency didn't live up to your expectations and did something illegal.

Therefore, it's very important only to deal with maid agencies in Singapore that have a good reputation. You should select a maid agency which showcase good ethics and also a high retention rate to ensure that the next maid you do decide to hire will be a good match.

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