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Hiring Transfer Maids in Singapore

[Last Updated 09 Mar 2021]

What are Transfer Maids? Basically, they are maids currently working in Singapore but due to their contract finishing soon or their current employer do not require their services any more as their children are much older. Another common reason is their current employer is leaving the country for good, hence the maid will be out of job soon and needs to transfer to a new employer.

What are the benefits to hire a transfer maid versus a maid not currently in Singapore?

2 main benefits, higher cost savings (savings of at least $1,800 as you won't need to pay the Quarantine-$1500 and Covid-19 Tests-$300 to our Government) and you will also have the ability to have a face to face interview with the transfer maid. We always encourage face to face interview because it’s the best way for the employer to gauge the maid’s sincerity and interest level to work for them through observation of the transfer maid’s body language during the face to face interview. Another reason is chemistry which is quite difficult to judge over a phone interview.

Need more convincing on why hiring a transfer maid is the preferred choice of most employers in Singapore during this pandemic?

Well, are you aware that if your overseas maid arrive in to Singapore with the Covid-19 virus, she has to seek medical treatment before she can join your family. What that means is another waiting time of at least 2 weeks or more depending on how fast she recovers, which will add more inconvenience to your family as it will disrupt the plans you have made to welcome her to your family.

Also, most employers will prefer not to have a "recovered" maid in their household for fear that the Covid-19 she had suffered may have a relapse and etc. So if this is the case, guess what? You will let the maid agency find another employer for her by allowing her to transfer. As for yourself, you will now have to reselect another maid again. Assuming you select another overseas maid once again, the whole process repeats itself, another 2 to 3 months waiting time and worst of all, having to pay $1,800 to our Government once again.

Another benefit of hiring a transfer maid is that it’s probably the fastest way to get a maid to join your family since waiting for an overseas maid now during this pandemic will require at least 2 to 3 months to bring her in.

In order to transfer, the transfer maid will need a consent letter from the current employer. If the transfer maid is leaving on good term with her current employer, the employer may also give a reference for her. But even if there isn’t any reference or testimonial for the transfer maid, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is bad. It could also be that the current employer is too busy to write a testimonial but may be open to a quick phone call if you need some reference to give yourself more assurance that the transfer maid is the right fit for your family.

In the past, there was a misconception that transfer maids are unwanted maids, hence they are on transfer. Over time, more and more employers of transfer maids have come to realise that isn’t necessarily the case all the time.

Beware of transfer maids that have too many months of placement fee. Too many means more than 2 months placement fee or some would call it salary deductions. If she has 3 or more months of placement fee, high chance is she is an inexperienced transfer maid or what we call fresh maids in the industry. Not only will you have to cough up more in upfront payment, you might actually be caught with a fresh helper that needs a lot of attention and training. Don’t be blindly attracted by the slightly lower salary they will command just because they are on transfer. And don’t forget about the amount of time to train her too.

The best kind of transfer maids are those that have completed at least 1 contract of 2 years. They will only have 1 month placement fee or less (most times no placement fee at all) and they will be sufficiently experienced to adjust to your household. But as different households have different routines, do not hold too high expectations that she will need zero guidance. Her English language will also be better than a fresh maid which makes communication with her smoother when passing her instructions.

Transfer maids can be of any nationality... they can be Filipino Transfer Maids, Indonesian Transfer Maids, Myanmese Transfer Maids and even Indian Transfer Maids. Collectively, we just call them transfer maids or maids on transfer.

Transfer maids are usually available for face to face interview on their day off which is usually a Sunday. The face to face interviews will take place at our office which is conveniently located in the central part of Singapore, Orchard Road. The exact address will be #03-52 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, social distancing has to be practised as much as possible, therefore during this pandemic, a ZOOM Call (Video Interview) will take place instead. And the ZOOM Call can take place even on a weekday but do bear in mind that since the transfer maid is still working with her current employer, we have to understand that the timing and date may not be so favourable to the prospect employer and for this we seek your understanding to allow us to make the best arrangements possible.

Once we have noted down your requirements, we will proceed to match suitable transfer maids to your family. After the interview, if you decide to confirm her, we will require full payment upfront and will proceed to submit the Work Permit application to the Ministry of Manpower on your behalf, also depending on the maid’s release date.

How soon you can have your selected transfer maid start work with your family very much depends on her release date as agreed by her current employer. Some could be released immediately, or 1 week later or 2 weeks later or even 2 months later. It varies as these experienced transfer maids are still working with their current employer, hence, they are not your typical "rejected" transfer maid who has already been returned to the maid agency to find a new employer. So once again, this is another clear sign of such transfer maid "sitting in the office awaiting a new employer" to avoid should you decide to hire a transfer maid for your family.

If you have read up to here so far, by now you should have a clearer picture on what a transfer maid is and is hiring a transfer maid the right decision for your family.

Should you wish to explore other options, perhaps due to the higher salary that a transfer maid commands which is currently a minimum of $800 with every Sunday off, do consider Ex-Singapore maids as they can generally accept a minimum salary of $650 and 2 days off with the other 2 days off to be compensated. And do ensure that you are willing to wait up to 2 to 3 months (during this pandemic, pre-Covid will be half the time required usually) for her to get her paperwork done in her own country and fly over to Singapore to start work with you.

If you are still confused, not to worry, just give us a call at 6735 3456 and our friendly sales executive will assist you in making the best decision for your family.

Our established maid agency has one of the highest retention rate according to the Ministry of Manpower. What that means is that we are able to perform better matching and as a result it is unlikely you will need to have your initial maid hired from us to be replaced, saving you time, effort and money altogether as replacing a maid is never a pleasant experience and it's also a situation we always want to avoid as much as you, which is why we do our best to match as closely to what an employer is seeking for. Ultimately, it is still the employer's final decision to determine which maid is the best fit for his/her family.

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