Hiring Maids for Care of Newborn

Hiring Maids for Care of Newborn

Like all working parents who have a newborn, we know how tough it is to give the best to your newborn while having a job too. The common solution will be to depend on the grandparents but even grandparents these days want to take a break and enjoy their golden years ahead. It’s not that grandparents these days don’t love their grandchildren as much as those grandparents in the past... it’s just that these days, there are more options available to working parents and hiring a full time maid is definitely one of the top choice to take care of newborn.

A babysitter could be considered but most babysitters will not come over to your house, which means you got to bring your newborn to the babysitter’s house and fetch your newborn home each working day. It is definitely a hassle and waste of time which is why hiring a full time maid to take care of your newborn is most practical.

The only main concern with hiring a full time maid to take care of your newborn is trust. Trust is not something you can judge from the maid’s bio data and it isn’t earned overnight. It helps if the maid you are planning to hire could be from your sibling or a friend who happen to not need their maid services any more. So trusting the maid is easier this way. One other way to gain trust in the maid quickly is to install CCTV in the house to monitor the maid. That way, it discourages the maid to sleep on the job and to bring no harm to the newborn as she is constantly being watched. The only drawback to this is the maid might feel insecure that she isn’t trustworthy. Friction can appear as a result but if explained properly to the maid, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Childcare is too early for a newborn and having one parent stay at home to take care is difficult due to the high standard of living in Singapore. A dual income family is often needed to maintain a certain lifestyle.

So does Universal Employment Agency has maids that can take care of newborn? Of course we do. Being in this industry for over 30 years, we see many employers coming to us to help find a good maid with good experience in taking care of newborn. To be frank, most maids would prefer not to take care of newborn babies because it’s a round the clock job sometimes. Night feeding is needed for some maids or the maid has to sleep with the baby. These maids will feel very tried and lack of sleep. But this isn’t too difficult for us. We can still find maids who are willing to take care of newborn babies.

We will usually advise the employer to give the maid ample rest. If the maid stayed up late, then the employer should allow her to have an afternoon nap. If the maid isn’t well rested, it will also be dangerous for the maid to take care of the newborn.

In addition, we will advise the employer to not expect much out of the maid to do housework and cooking as most of her time is already devoted to taking care of the newborn. If there cannot be a compromise on that, then we advise the employer to consider hiring a 2nd maid which will be full time focused on housework and cooking. One maid can only do so much, so it isn’t ideal to push the maid over the line as high chance is she won’t want to work for you very soon and will request for a transfer. When this happens, it gets extremely frustrating having to find another maid, fork out the agency fees again if there isn’t any replacement any mlre and most importantly a waste of time to retrain the next maid.

For employers with twins as newborns, we will not hesitate to tell the employer to hire 2 maids cause it is already difficult to handle 1 newborn alone, what more 2?

If you are expecting a newborn soon, it also makes sense to hire before the newborn arrives as this will give you a chance to train your maid to your expectations and to better prepare your maid on how to handle your newborn both mentally and physically. It is always challenging to take care of a newborn. It is best advised to look for a maid as early as possible, if not at least 3 months before you are due to deliver.

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