How to transfer your maid to a maid agency?
How to transfer your maid to a maid agency?

How to transfer your maid to a maid agency?

It's almost the end of your Foreign Domestic Work's (FDW) 2 years contract and either you or her wish to terminate the contract, what can you do?

There are only 2 options:

1) Let your FDW transfer to another family to work with.

2) Repatriate your FDW to her country of origin.

Let's discuss option 1 first. So in order to let your maid as we more commonly refer to in Singapore transfer, you simply have to consent to her transfer by signing a release paper or also known as consent to transfer letter. Basically, it is to authorise and allow the new family wanting to hire your maid.

This can be either be given to the new family who will be your maid's new employer to submit the Work Permit application to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or to a maid agency who is handling the process of finding a new employer for your maid and also to process the paperwork involved as well.

During this period, while the Work Permit application is under consideration by the MOM, do note that you are still her legal employer. Which means, you will still have to ensure her proper upkeep, pay her salary and also the levy involved to our Government until the day she is officially transferred out of your name to her new employer.

The other way which was recently approved and announced by the MOM (click here for more information), is to allow a maid agency that is licensed by the MOM like us, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd to takeover your responsibility as your maid's employer. The maid agency that you authorise to takeover the responsibility will then be responsible for her upkeep and even have to purchase a medical insurance for her. Also, the maid agency will be responsible to repatriate her in the event she doesn't find an employer within 4 weeks and the air ticket will be paid for by the maid agency and NOT you.

So if this is a solution you prefer, then do not hesitate to contact us at 6735 3456 and we will be more than happy to discuss taking over the responsibility of your maid as soon as possible if you have such urgency. Most times, it can be arranged all within a day, provided we have slots available, so do check with us ahead of time if possible if you have such plan to release your maid soon.

Some employers prefer this option because not only will they be able to discharge their responsibility of their maid immediately but also save the cost of the air ticket to repatriate her. And some employers also prefer to let their maid know at the very last minute for a variety of personal reasons but yet do not know how to approach this subject with their maid. This is where we can assist and come into the picture to help your maid transition to a new employer with zero cost to you and also potentially for your maid as well depending on the circumstance then.

As for option 2, it is pretty straightforward. Simply purchase a 1-way air ticket to her country of origin, which is very costly during this COVID-19 period and also flight cancellations do happen quite frequently too, so do bear that in mind as well. It is also your responsibility to send her to the airport and ensure that she manages to check-in without any issues. Not forgetting, you will also have to cancel her Work Permit on your own which can be quite the hassle for some employers.

To sum it up, as you can see, it is quite troublesome and costly to opt for option 2 and that's why we always advise all our employers to consider option 1 especially if the maid still wishes to work. Sometimes, employers do get disappointed with their maids when their maids do decide to quit on them for a variety of reasons. But what we must remember is that this maid has come a long way to make a living to support her family back home and do put ourselves in her shoes, how will we feel if we are not allowed to continue to work just because we have decided to move on to another family or committed a small mistake and have to be "punished" by being repatriated home?

If you cite financial reason (hiring this problem maid caused you to incur a lot of money on bringing her in from her country, even paying $1,700 for her Stay-Home Notice and Covid-19 Test) for wanting to "punish" your maid for giving up on you, then why add more financial burden to yourself by forking out more money for her 1-way air ticket back home when you can easily allow her to transfer and save back on that money. But of course, some employers do decide to repatriate their maid back home for helping other employers not make their mistake of hiring their "problem maid". But as long as the maid hasn't committed any crime, then everyone should be deserve a second chance right? Well, it is after all a very personal decision to make and we will leave the final decision to the employer to make.

But should the final decision be to go for option 1 and let your maid transfer, then do contact us at 6735 3456 and we will be more than happy to discuss if we can accept her as we do not accept all maids anyway. We always do our assessment on the maid's suitability for transfer first, as our agency prides ourselves on only matching worthy maids to our employers as our employers have placed their trust in us to shortlist only the best for them.

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