Vital Questions To Ask A Maid During A Live Interview

Vital Questions To Ask A Maid During A Live Interview

[Published on 02 Dec 2020]

Finding a suitable maid in Singapore also known as Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is indeed a challenging task especially if you are not able to select a befitting person who can attend to your family needs. The selection process is usually conducted using a video conference interview particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic period but if the situation allows, a face-to-face interview may also be possible at the maid agency office with prior arrangement. It’s one way of discovering their communication skills and their distinctive character traits.

Prepare a checklist of questions before the schedule of the interview and ask the proper questions, as it will assist you in selecting the best candidate.

If you are interviewing more than one applicant, take your time. Write down notes of each maid that you will interview. Then, compare the responses of each candidate and make your final decision. Here are sample questions that you can ask the applicants during the live interview with its’ specific explanation:

1. Please introduce yourself.
This first question is intended to warm up the anxious candidate and make her feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also assists you to gain insights into her personality. It also helps determine if she possesses good communication skills in promoting a healthy and organized home.

2. What are the things that you like about Singapore?
It reveals the particular things that the interviewee likes and enjoys about the country like the people, food, and several places to visit.

3. Why do you want to work as a maid in Singapore?
This identifies her motives for applying for the job and the specific duties that she can perform efficiently. It helps you determine her job inspiration, determination, and dedication to the job.

4. Give a brief history of your past work experience? In which specific countries other than Singapore were you employed?
This provides information about why she left her previous job(s). It also determines the culture of previous families' whom she has worked for.

5. What are your previous job duties and responsibilities?
You will want to find out the number of years of work experience and her daily duties from her previous employment. Her attestation will give you an idea if she can quickly harmonise into the lifestyle of your family.

Inform the applicant candidly if her tasks vary from your specifications. It also gives you an insight into how well she can perform her varied duties and the duration of time that you will spend guiding her.

6. What is your current salary and day(s) off? What is your expected salary and day(s) off?
It’s essential to know the latest salary for a transfer maid especially since transfer maids usually command a higher salary because she is already in Singapore. It definitely cost less especially during this Covid-19 pandemic to hire a transfer maid instead of a maid who is currently in her own country of origin. Be candid concerning money matters and also the number of days off you can offer her.

Tip: Most transfer maids will want a minimum salary of $800 and 4 days off per month.

7. Tell me the things that you are good at doing and the things that you are not good at doing?
Her work attitude is very vital in nurturing a healthy and pleasing work relationship. It is essential to determine the positive aspects of her personality that will make her uniquely qualified for the job.

If her strengths are patience, good listening skills, and first aid skills, then she will be a good choice. But if her weaknesses contradicted your expectations, these are red flags to take note of.

8. In a given scenario, what would you do?
If she is a novice, you can discuss case scenarios and ask her how she will respond in a given situation. For example, what would you do if my child refuses to eat breakfast?

It is also vital to determine her response in an emergency scenario. What would you do if my elderly parent fell on the staircase?

9. Do you have any character references from former employers? Is it ok to contact them?
A background check is one of the reliable means of confirming the claims of the candidate. However, not all employers will be willing to give references but that doesn't mean the maid isn't good. It could either mean her employer is too busy or her employer may be reluctant to let her go but have to respect her decision anyway. Alternatively, do look at her employment history in total. Did she finish her latest contract of 2 years? If yes, then that's a good sign she should be good in her role as a maid to be in her job for at least 2 years.

10. What would you like to do during your break time or when you are done with your work? Or on your day off?
Once her work is done, allow her to relax, and enjoy her day off. According to the Ministry of Manpower, the maid has the fundamental right to avail one rest day of the week unless she consents to forgo her day off in exchange for monetary compensation. They deserve to unwind, enjoy their spare time, or visit other wonderful tourist spots in the host country.


Some candidates are afraid and timid to ask questions due to the fact this is a job interview. Encourage them to ask questions to determine if they understood your expectations. Be candid in informing the candidate about her specific scope of daily work duties.

Prepare yourself if the applicant rejected your job offer, some of them may realised that the expectations are difficult to comply with.


With these helpful tips, we hope that you are guided in choosing the right maid for your family. Check out for trustworthy maid agencies like us who have been in this industry for over 30 years. Leverage on our experience to assist you in shortlisting suitable maids who can give you well-trained and efficient maids who are capable of creating a safe, healthy, happy, and well-organised home. Contact us today at 6735 3456.
Delivering 5 Stars Service Always Since 1986

Delivering 5 Stars Service Always Since 1986

[Published on 17 Nov 2019]

Serving all our customers to the best of our ability has always been our mantra from day 1. And that goes all the way back when we first open for business more than 30 years ago, since 1986.

Always listening to our customers' needs, we will then carefully look through the maid profiles that we have and shortlist accordingly based on the criteria given. Next, we will either arrange a phone interview or a face-to-face interview for the prospect maid candidates to be interviewed by the prospective employer. After the interview has concluded, we will then have a private consultation with the employer only, to hear their opinion and also for us to give our opinion. We don't rush our customers to make an immediate decision, but if the right maid is available, our customers usually know better to make a decision quick as there won't be another same maid.

With this simple methodology, it is no surprise that our maid agency has one of the highest retention rate as stated on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Website which can be found
here and you just have to search for our maid agency name: Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd to see our results on MOM. Currently it states that we are more than 12% above the industry average retention rate. For those that do not know, retention rate is basically the number of maids placed by the maid agency which has stayed with their employers for 1 year or more. So having a high retention rate is definitely a good thing. And in fact, it probably tells you that the maid agency you are dealing with is doing something right when it comes to matching the right maid to the right family.

Apart from achieving one of the highest retention rate in the maid industry, we are also pleased to know that we are constantly ranked closed to 5 Stars on both Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews. It gives us great satisfaction to know that there are many happy employers and maids who value our services all these years. Our Google Reviews can be found here and our Facebook Reviews can be found here

Just recently, some of our happy customers were telling us that our maid agency was voted by a few review websites as being one of the Top 10 Maid Agency and also voted as 3 Best Maid Agencies in Orchard Road. The respective links to those 2 reviews can be found here and here. And it definitely made our day to know that our hard work in delivering the best service to our customers is paying off. All we can say is, we won't stop striving to improve and always be the best maid agency in our customers' mind and of course, we always welcome new customers to give our service a try when the need to hire a maid arises in the near future.

So for those who are ready to hire a maid now, do contact us at 6735 3456 to learn more about the steps to hire a maid in Singapore especially if you are a first time employer. Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.

P.S. For those still on the fence if Universal Employment Agency is the right maid agency you should be using for your next maid hire, don't simply take our word for it. Hear from some of our happy customers such as Blogger MummyEd. You can read her blog post here.
How to hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore?

How to hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore?

[Published on 06 Mar 2021]

1st Way - Takeover your relative's or friend's or colleague's maid if they don't need her services any more. Your relative's children are older already and don't need a maid in the house. Or your friend may have lost his/her job and don't need a maid anymore. Or just maybe, your colleague is leaving the country as he/she is posted to another country, so don't need their maid anymore. Whatever the reason or scenario, this is the best possible choice for you as you will save the most money and have a true account of the maid's performance as I am sure your relative, friend or colleague will have no reason to lie to you to make you takeover their maid right?

And if you are unsure how to proceed to getting a Work Permit for the transfer maid you will takeover, simply approach our maid agency and this is called a "Direct Hiring". So our agency will simply charge you a documentation fee to take charge of submitting the Work Permit application to the Ministry of Manpower on your behalf.

2nd Way - Take a look at online forums / groups to post your job requirements and offer or simply reach out to a transfer maid who has posted more information about herself online. Be wary of illegal agents who have no license to operate as a recruiter, they may approach you to hire their maid which you should not deal with them as it is illegal and you may get cheated of your money. Best is to report them to the relevant authorities as well.

Once again, if you have managed to interview any of them which is easy to do so, but the hard part is when you are ready to proceed to submit the Work Permit application to the MOM, but you DO NOT have the release paper signed by her employer because the employer refused to give her a release paper. So what can you do about it? Nothing. What has just happened is actually very common especially so during this pandemic because many employers are not finding it easy to hire a maid themselves, so they rather not release their current maid to you. So you wasted your time basically and have to repeat the whole process again.

Therefore, when going through this route, first thing to ask the maid who claims she can transfer is, "do you have a release paper signed by your employer?" If she said no or maybe, then it's best not to waste your time on interviewing her.

By the way, click
here for a guide on what questions to ask the maid during the interview.

3rd Way - Using the services of a maid agency to hire a transfer maid in Singapore. Do note that during this pandemic there is indeed a shortage of transfer maids available in Singapore, as many employers are not willing to release their current maid for transfer because they can't get a replacement so easily as pre-covid. Hence, not many maid agencies have transfer maids available. And it's always advisable to deal with an established maid agency as their reputation is everything to them, rest assured that such agency will definitely share the real reason on why the maid is on transfer with you. The best kind of transfer maid is the one who has finished her latest contract.

A good indication that the maid agency is doing a good job in matching the right maid to the right family is to look at their retention rate. Currently, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd has one of the highest retention rate which is testament that they have been matching their maid well.

So if hiring a transfer maid is your final decision, then do take action now. Call us at 6735 3456 or simply submit your requirements online. Thank you!
4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Maid During COVID-19

4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Maid During COVID-19

[Published on 29 Nov 2020]

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live our daily lives, it has become more challenging and risky to continue doing what we have been normally doing. To adapt to the “new normal”, we have had to change a number of things in our lives, from the way we buy our necessities to how we educate our children. Most homemakers, parents and heads of the family have taken additional responsibilities into their own hands.

But handling too many tasks on your own can be very taxing, especially if you have young kids or elderlies at home who require a lot of care and attention. To help you accomplish more things for your family and at work, you might want to consider hiring a maid in Singapore which is considered one of the most affordable as compared to other countries like in Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, Canada or even in Europe. To make sure that you are not risking your and your family’s safety, here are some things you should take into account before hiring a maid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Government regulations
The government is slowly lifting a number of restrictions and allowing certain business operations to resume, you can now consider hiring a foreign domestic helper to work as your maid. But for you and your family’s safety, it’s still important that you strictly follow the precautionary measures mandated by the government. Whether you are thinking about hiring a new maid or rehiring the one that you previously employed but is now back in her country, you should see to it that she understands, agrees with and strictly follows the 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN). This is a requirement before she is allowed to enter Singapore.

Additionally, the Ministry of Manpower also requires employers to fulfill their additional responsibilities before bringing in their domestic helper. These responsibilities include paying for her COVID-19 test ($200) and her stay at the dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facility ($1,500). Employers should also see to it that their domestic helper has a Singapore mobile number, with internet connection and WhatsApp installed. The Ministry of Manpower provides more details about the process every employer must follow when bringing in foreign domestic helpers to Singapore.

2. Health checks and personal care
Your and your family’s health should always be your top priority. To make sure that your family and your foreign domestic helper are in perfect health condition, see to it that you all go through required health checks, if applicable, take care of your health by eating healthy meals and following the basic safety measures during the pandemic. This involves social distancing, wearing face shields and face masks when going outside the house and exercising. Remind your house maid regularly to always maintain cleanliness and for them to take good care of their health, too.

3. Personal protective materials
Once you have your foreign domestic helper with you in Singapore, see to it that you provide her with all the work tools and protective gear that she needs to be able to work efficiently for you. Face masks and face shields are important. She should also have gloves, cleaning tools and other materials that she will need to stay safe while working. Moreover, see to it that you provide her with a steady supply of cleaning materials so that she can help you maintain cleanliness in your home, such as disinfectants, alcohol, antibacterial soaps, and the like. This way, you can rest assured that she is doing her best in keeping your house clean, while at the same time, staying safe, too.

4. Cleanliness and personal hygiene
Keeping your house clean is important. But apart from cleaning your home, you should also see to it that your maid takes care of her own hygiene. Make it a requirement for your maid to constantly keep herself clean at all times. See to it that she also properly maintains her own room and all of her personal belongings are properly organized. You should also set a regular cleaning schedule that she needs to follow, especially if there are lots of rooms and places to clean at your home.

If you already have a cleaning process or organization setup in place, see to it that she knows it so that she can help you maintain your home as per your expectations. If she will be taking care of your children or your elderly family members while you are working, make sure that she knows how to keep them clean as well.

As we continue to live in a world that has been greatly changed by a global pandemic, we should now get used to prioritising our health and safety, as well as of the people who live with us. This includes your live-in house maid. By making sure that they understand the value of personal health and hygiene, cleanliness at home, as well as social distancing, then you can be more at ease with the health and safety of your family.

Ready to hire a maid in Singapore today? Do contact us at 6735 3456 and we will be more than happy to assist you!

[Latest Update 28-Feb-2021] The costs to pay to our Government to bring a helper in from overseas now requires additional testing such as $250 for 2x PCR Covid Tests upon arrival and on the last day of quarantine. Also the need for a Serology Test upon arrival which costs $50.
5 Helpful Tips for Single Parents

5 Helpful Tips for Single Parents

[Published on 24 Oct 2019]

Parenting is one of the toughest duties any individual will ever face. It’s tough enough to raise kids with your partner, but it can be a lot more challenging to face this part of your life all on your own, especially in the very busy city-state of Singapore. But life, as it is, is already a challenge.

You have a lot of things to look forward to and to take care of, and that includes your kids. Whether you started off as a single parent or broke up with your partner and had a lot of adjustments to, raising your kids will need your dedication and commitment. And to be able to handle all of your tasks as a parent, here are five tips that can help make things much easier.

1. Never neglect your own health.

Right now, you are all that your kids have. Whether they are grown ups or are still of young age, your presence matters. This is why you should make your own health one of your priorities. Take care of your body and your mental state. If you need professional help from a medical practitioner or need a break from your everyday life, then make that your priority. Keep in mind that without a sound mind and a healthy body, it will be difficult for you to fulfil your duties as a parent and take care of all of your chores.

2. Establish a daily routine.

Following a set of activities will make it easier for you to take care of all of your chores. Adhering to a routine can help you foster habits that match your goals and aspirations as a parent. This can also help your kids build healthy habits as they grow older, so it’s ideal to expose them to routines even at an early age.

From waking up early to cleaning up their toys and doing their assignments as soon as they come home, you can help your kids cope better with all the activities that they need to do. By following a daily routine, you also get to experience less stress as a parent. This can help your whole family adjust to changes, feel more in control of everything, and help you make room for more important matters.

3. Have a plan for handling emergency situations.

You can’t always predict what happens in the future. One day, everything is going as they should. The next, something unexpected might occur, which might affect your plans and daily activities. This is why it’s important to always have a backup plan so that if you ever find yourself in a pinch, you can do something to get past your current road block.

Knowing that you are parenting your kids all on your own, it’s important that you plan ahead. This is why it’s ideal for parents to have a number of people that they can trust, save money, acquire health and life insurances and make sure that your family is covered all throughout.

4. Spend time with your kids.

As a parent, you will have a lot of duties and responsibilities to take care of. Sometimes, things can get overwhelming that you might lose sight of things that really matter -- your kids. Always remember that fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent doesn’t just revolve around earning money and securing their future.

Spending some quality time with your kids is equally as important. Your constant presence matters to them so that they grow into responsible adults.

5. Accept help and have a support system.

You are just one person and parenting will sometimes require more than just two hands. If you find yourself overwhelmed, seek help or be willing to accept help. Many parents in Singapore are now hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW) to help them with their chores. Because you are a single parent, hiring a maid from a reputable Singapore maid agency can be a good decision. It can help you focus on more important tasks and have more spare time to spend with your kids or to take care of yourself.

Becoming a parent is more than just bringing a new life into this world. It also involves constant commitment and presence in your child’s life. Your primary role is to raise them and help them grow as responsible adults. It will be a struggle, but by knowing how to manage your responsibilities can help you and your kids live a better life.

If you are a single parent, know that you are not alone. And if you are looking for an extra set of hands to help you
take care of your kids, your household chores and cooking, contact us at 6735 3456 to learn more about the steps to hire a maid in Singapore. Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Maid?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Maid?

[Last Updated on 05 Jun 2021]

Hiring a maid in Singapore can have a lot of benefits to a new or growing family. You don’t have to worry about doing household chores, cooking, or even taking care of the kids. Even if you’re a newly married couple without kids yet, it’s advantageous to have a maid help around so you can just focus on growing your career, having more time for networking and expanding your social circle.

If you’re planning to hire a maid in Singapore, you have to be aware of the costs so you know if hiring a maid will fit your budget. Typically, first-time employers will have to pay one-time payments plus monthly recurring ones such as Salary and FDW Levy.

So how much does it cost to hire a maid in Singapore? Continue reading below to understand the breakdown of the costs involved to hire a maid in Singapore.
We will break it down under these categories:

One-Time Payments

1. Agency Fee (Call 6735 3456 for more details)

It’s highly recommended that you go through a reliable maid agency like Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd. Yes, you can do the hiring process on your own which is commonly known as direct hiring, but what a good maid agency does is connect you to foreign domestic workers (FDW) with the right skills and attitude based on your requirements.
By trying to direct hire your own maid, you are limited by the choices you have to choose from and when the working relationship with your direct hire maid is faltering, you will have no one to turn to for advice.
By working with a reputable maid agency, they will be responsible for doing all of the paper work necessary and provide free counselling to your maid should there be friction in between the 2 years contract.

2. Documentation Fee (Call 6735 3456 for more details)

The documentation fee is for the paperwork / admin work our maid agency will perform on your behalf by submitting the Work Permit application to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). If you found your own maid through your own contact, then you don't have to pay us the agency fee, but just the documentation fee only if you wish to engage our service on completing the paperwork with the MOM on your behalf and the maid you are planning to hire is in Singapore. But if the maid is currently overseas, then the amount will be different, please contact us to get a more accurate quote for direct hiring of maid currently overseas.

3. Settling-In Programme (SIP) Fee ($75)

Your domestic helper will have to attend a
Settling-In Programme (SIP) which is a one day orientation for new FDWs. Its main purpose is to educate the maid on safety precautions she should be doing, as well as let her know what life is like in Singapore. Again, this programme is only for those who is a first-time maid in Singapore. You can click here to find out more.

4. Work Permit Application and Work Permit Issuance ($70)

To apply for a Work Permit for your chosen maid, you will have to pay $35. Issuance of her Work Permit pass is also $35. It’s pretty straight forward.

5. Maid Insurance (From $250)

The Ministry of Manpower has made it compulsory for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) to have a $60,000 per year in personal accident insurance coverage and hospitalisation coverage of at least S$15,000 per year. Depending on where you get your insurance from it could cost from $250 or more, depending on how comprehensive you want the insurance coverage to be for your FDW. Click here to read more about the requirements by the Ministry of Manpower on FDW's insurance .

6. Security Bond ($5,000)

A security bond is another requirement that the Ministry of Manpower has mandated for every FDW you hire. According to their regulation, a bond serves as a binding promise to pay the government (up to $5,000) if you, the employer, were to break any law or conditions governing the employment of a FDW in Singapore.
If you plan to employ two domestic helpers, then each one of them should have a security bond. Typically, bonds usually take the form of an insurance and it's part of the insurance package that you sign up for so that you do not need to cough out $5000 the Government in advance. The insurers guarantee to pay the government should you break the rules; then the insurers pursue you for the money. You must not ask your helper to pay for the bond.

7. Quarantine Fee (est. $2,900)

During this pandemic, there is an additional 1-time cost of approximately $2,900 quarantine fee payable to our Government for 21 days when the maid you selected arrives from overseas. And as announced back in May 2021, our borders are now closed and no maids from overseas will be allowed to fly in yet. Which has led to a surge in demand for transfer maids and that explains why many maid agencies in Singapore do not have any transfer maid currently. But our maid agency is lucky enough to have a pool of transfer maids for your selection.

Monthly Payments

1. FDW Levy ($60 to $450 per month)

The first monthly payment that you should fulfill is the FDW levy. The Ministry of Manpower designed the levy as a pricing mechanism to control the number of domestic helpers in Singapore. The levy must be paid through the General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO). For more information about the levy, read this.

2. Monthly Salary (Call 6735 3456 for more details)

The average salary of a domestic helper working in Singapore will be dependent on her skills, her experiences, and which country she comes from.

And for those employers who want an experienced maid who has worked in Singapore before but without the need to offer 4 days off, then hiring an ex-Singapore maid is considered a good option as they are more willing to negotiate on their days off versus a transfer maid.

In addition, you have to compensate your domestic helper for her days off if she agrees not to take them. The compensation depends on her salary. The calculation of the compensation per day off not taken is by using the formula of her salary divided by 26. So if her salary is $650, then you calculate it as $650 divided by 26 = $25 per day.

3. Daily Expenses (Varies for different household)

Having a domestic helper around is an added expense to your monthly budget. Because you have another adult in the house, you are expected to take care of her basic needs such as food, accommodation, toiletries and transportation.
After going through the costs involved as stated above to hire a maid in Singapore, will you still go through with it?
If yes, always remember to go through a trustworthy maid agency to help make the hiring process efficient and successful. Contact us at 6735 3456 to hire a maid today!

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
Advantages of Hiring Maids from a Maid Agency in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring Maids from a Maid Agency in Singapore

[Published on 18 Oct 2019]

With the busy life that most Singaporeans live in, it has become a necessity for many individuals, especially working parents and business owners, to hire a domestic helper who will maintain their house and take care of their children and family members. But hiring maids in Singapore is not as easy as you might think. The usual concern that most employers worry about is the ability and trustworthiness of the domestic helper they plan to hire.

This is why many employers prefer to get in touch with maid agencies in Singapore if they are thinking about hiring domestic helpers also known as foreign domestic workers or just FDW in short. Here are some of the different benefits of hiring maids from a maid agency in Singapore.

1. Most maid agencies in Singapore conduct high quality selection.

To find the right maid for you and your family, maid agencies go through a rigorous process of selecting the perfect maid that will suit your needs. If you need someone who is good with child care, they will provide you with a maid experienced in child care. If you want a maid with experience in elderly care, then that is what they will provide you with. No matter what your preferences are, partnering with a maid agency can be the best route if you want to find the best and most trustworthy maids to hire.

2. You get professional consultation and assistance.

It makes a huge difference to know that you have experienced people to provide you with reliable services. This is one great benefit of hiring a maid through an agency. You can rely on the experienced staff of the agency to answer your questions, provide you with credible advice and pair you up with the right domestic helper based on your needs.

Moreover, their service goes beyond the hiring stage. They will prepare all the important documents for you, follow up on what other steps you need to accomplish and check in on how you and your maid are doing once you have employed a maid. Some agencies also visit the home of employers to make sure that both the employer and the domestic helper are living and working together harmoniously.

3. Maid agencies train their maids.

Most maid agencies in Singapore usually train their maids first before allowing employers to hire them. This is also one way for them to make sure that their reputation as a maid agency, as well as those of the employer and the maid, are protected. Maid agencies provide different types of trainings and certifications to make sure that their maids are ready and fit to work. Some agencies also partner up with other training and employment organizations to make sure that all parties get to make the most of the services that they provide as a maid agency.

4. Maid Agency in Singapore do implement strict recruitment processes.

A maid agency values the integrity and reputation that their business holds. It is important that they match employers with only the best maids in Singapore. This is why before recruiting a domestic helper, maid agencies see to it that each of their helpers have complete documents, gained relevant experiences and maintain a good reputation no matter where they are from.

5. Maid agencies treat you as a partner during your maid’s employment.

A great thing about working with a maid agency is you get to find the perfect maid to work with and have a reliable maid agency to consult with anytime you need help. At the same time, these maid agencies do more than just help you find the right maid to employ. They also help make sure that you and your domestic helper maintains a harmonious working relationship with the duration of your maid’s contract.

They also conduct surveys to find out what part of their services need improvement or if the employer has some feedback regarding their maid’s performance. Maid agencies assure follow- through on all aspects of the contract. This way, they get to deliver satisfactory services to their clients and maintain a good reputation as a business.

It is normal to feel hesitant or doubtful about hiring a maid, especially if this is your first time doing so. But by knowing who to talk to and by having a reliable company to discuss your concerns with, you get to have a better understanding of what to do if you want to hire a domestic helper. Working with a maid agency will always be the best solution if you want to hire a maid in Singapore.

If you have some questions about hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW), feel free to call us at 6735 3456 for a free professional consultation on how to hire a reliable foreign domestic worker.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form
here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
Domestic Helper Skills to Take Note of Before Hiring

Domestic Helper Skills to Take Note of Before Hiring

[Published on 24 Aug 2019]

Like most developed nations, Singapore is in huge demand for domestic helpers in their households to take care of their children and elderly. In most cases, full-time maids are assigned to care for their children, though many of them also hire domestic helpers for their elderly parents.

If you’re one of those who’re looking for domestic helpers for your household, then you have to pay attention to the skills of the helper you’re planning to get. Since the responsibility of a domestic helper demands specific skills and qualities to perform various household tasks, it only makes sense to take these into account before hiring one.

Without further ado, here are some of the most important domestic helper skills you should take note of:

1. Domestic helper must possess caring and trustworthy personality

Before you choose to hire a potential domestic helper (also known as foreign domestic workers) from a maid agency in Singapore, you should first keep in mind that whoever you choose to hire will end up spending a lot of time with your family as you do. Therefore, you have to make sure that your chosen domestic helper will be someone that possesses a caring and trustworthy personality. She should also be loving enough to provide your family with a warm and friendly environment during your absence.

Apart from that, your chosen domestic helper must be responsible enough to juggle between caring for your child or elderly parents and doing all of her household chores.

2. Domestic Helper must have some first aid knowledge

Apart from a reliable and trustworthy personality, another thing you should consider when you hire maids in Singapore is to look for one who has basic first aid knowledge. Even basic knowledge of certain medical skills can prove to be quite helpful since minor injuries can possibly occur around your household. A few good examples would be CPR, wound dressing, and relieving choking issues.

You should also make sure that the domestic helper you hire from a maid agency in Singapore has adequate understanding of general treatment and medicines for common illnesses like flu, fever, cough, stomach ache, etc.

3. Domestic helper must have good conversational skills

As mentioned earlier, your domestic helper will spend her time together with your kids or parents. Therefore, you have to make sure that she has good conversational and communication skills so your kids or parents can feel comfortable in her company.

During an interview, try to look for someone who’s good at communicating with children and the elderly. It also helps if the helper you choose can keep them entertained through playing or storytelling.

Fortunately, kids and seniors have almost the same disposition to storytelling. As such, telling them stories can prove to be quite an effective means of communication. Aside from that, you should also be able to effectively communicate with your helper. She should ask you questions regarding your expectations of her.

At the same time, you should also provide her with answers and keep communication open so that she can handle your kids or parents efficiently.

4. Domestic helper with good cooking skills and nutritional knowledge

It can be quite advantageous when you hire a domestic helper who possesses good cooking skills, especially if she can feed your kids or parents when you’re away for a long time. Her cooking skills will surely come in handy since feeding your kids or parents is also one of her major responsibilities as a domestic helper.

Therefore, when you hire a domestic helper from a Singapore maid agency, try to look for someone who has nutritional knowledge and can display good cooking skills. However, do keep in mind that you can also help her improve her cooking skills to suit your family’s diet.

5. Domestic helper with active listening skills

Another skill you want to look for in a domestic helper is attentiveness. You should keep in mind that hiring a helper who’s fond of providing care instead of doing it solely for the money is quite important. Only someone who genuinely loves caring for others will understand what they truly need.

For kids, a good domestic helper will be able to figure out their needs based on their behaviour and provide appropriate care. For seniors, an active listener will be able to give them the attention they need – then again, based on their behaviour.

The Key Takeaway
Basically, before you hire a domestic helper from a maid agency in Singapore, you should make sure that she’s reliable, trustworthy, can hold proper conversations, possesses good cooking skills, and will actively listen to the needs of the individual they’re caring for.

If you’re looking for maid agencies in Singapore where you can hire reliable helpers, you can check us out, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd. We’ve been serving countless clients for more than 30 years, and you can rely on us, the professionalism and expertise that our domestic helpers can offer. Call us today @ 6735 3456.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form
here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
Elderly Care: Hiring a Maid VS Nursing Home

Elderly Care: Hiring a Maid VS Nursing Home

[Published on 24 Aug 2019]

Cleaning, cooking, and other household chores can be a tedious task for an elderly. As they age, most elderlies lose their mental and physical capabilities, and taking care of them is not an easy task. There comes a time when an elderly require a bit of outside help in order to get by with his/her day-to-day activities.

Due to this, most of them opt to either move into a nursing home or hire a full-time foreign maid. Making this choice is not easy as each option comes with its own pros and cons. Nursing homes allow you or your loved one to enjoy socialisation and 24-hour access to medical care. They are a good option for an elderly who need more assistance and medical care. This includes personal care needs, skilled medical care, preparing meals, laundry, ADL’s, and many more.

However, most seniors and their loved ones prefer the services of the best maid agency to source for qualified maid as opposed to checking into a nursing home. This is because they get personalised care, be close to their families, and get to keep their independence. Also, hiring a maid is a great option for elderlies who don’t want to leave their homes. In fact, studies have shown that a high number of seniors prefer to stay in their homes.

The ideal maid will ensure that you live safely and comfortably at home as you age. They can cook, clean, and care for you and ensure that you get companionship.

Benefits of Hiring a Maid

There are numerous advantages associated with
hiring a maid for you or your elderly parent. They include the following:

1. Personalised Attention

While it is common for a nursing home to forget your needs or that of your loved ones as you don't get undivided attention at the nursing home as the ratio of a nurse to elderlies could be 1 to 10, whereas you can be guaranteed personalised care when you hire a maid to take care of your elderly in the comfort of his/her home. The best Singapore maid agency will ensure that you hire the right maid who will meet all your needs and wants and also give you the one-on-one attention your elderly deserve. This comes in handy when dealing with illnesses that are brought about by age.

2. Personalised Meals

As your elderly parents age, it can get daunting to prepare personalised meals. More frequently than not, meals in nursing homes are not personalised and are usually scheduled for specific times each day. Therefore, if your elderly parents want to enjoy a decent meal every day, seeking the services of a foreign maid is the way to go as she will be able to adjust the taste of the food to your elderly parents' liking.

3. Assistance with Daily Activities

Basically, the elderly need assistance with daily activities such as general housekeeping, meal preparation, medical reminders, and transportation. In order to help with this, it would be a good idea to hire maids in Singapore who can stay as long and as little as you need them. They can take care of your elderly parent and complete other household chores with ease.

4. Affordable Option

Although thought otherwise, hiring a maid is a cheaper option compared to receiving care at a nursing home. This is especially true for seniors who just need a few hours of help each day. It is less expensive to hire a maid per hour than it is to move into a nursing home.

5. Proximity to Family

Another benefit why you should hire a full-time maid is because your elderly parent will live right at home and be close to your beloved family members. More often than not, nursing homes may be located far from home, and this makes it difficult for your family members to visit your elderly parents as often as they would like.

6. Allows you to Retain Independence

In most cases, living in a nursing home makes one lose their independence. Luckily, this is not the case when you hire a maid from a maid agency in Singapore that meets your requirements. Once you hire a full-time maid in Singapore, you will get the help and services you need at the comfort of your home. Providing these services at familiar surroundings goes a long way in boosting the seniors’ self-esteem and retain their sense of independence.

If you are an elderly, hiring a maid could be very beneficial as you won’t have to strain yourself doing different chores. It would be difficult to maintain your home and take care of yourself. With a maid, your outlook on life will also improve, and this will enable you to live a more independent life.

If you are looking to hire competent and reliable maids, look no further than us, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd. Established in 1986, we are without doubt one of the best maid agency in Singapore. Be sure to reach us at 6735 3456 for more information about our services.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
Hiring a domestic helper for newborn care during the pandemic

Hiring a domestic helper for newborn care during the pandemic

[Published on 19 Nov 2022]

[Case Study] 2 years ago, Nicole was expecting her first child and that period was the hardest time to hire a helper due to COVID-19 lockdowns and etc.

Most maid agencies in Singapore simply do not have any helper but we do.

Without a helper back then, it would have been a big struggle for Nicole and her family.

Our team listened carefully to Nicole’s requirements and only showed profiles of helpers who were suitable for Nicole’s family because we want all our helpers to complete at least their 2 years contract or more.

Fast forward 2 years, Nicole is very satisfied with the helper we found for her. As a result, both employer and helper are happy with each other and agreed to extend the contract for another 2 years.

And this is what Nicole has to say:

“Universal helped me find my current helper back in Dec 2020 when there was a massive shortage in Sg due to covid restrictions. Its been 2 years with her, and Universal did an amazing job matching her to my family and our needs. We were expecting our first child and have a golden retriever. Without her, we would have really struggled to balance work, housework and the kids. The consultants at Universal took the time to listen to our requirements and sent profiles that matched them, making our search easier. Thanks so much.”

Note: Contact us if you are looking to hire a helper soon! Call us at 6735 3456 or submit your enquiry online
here now.
Pros and Cons of Hiring Part Time Cleaner vs Full Time Maid

Pros and Cons of Hiring Part Time Cleaner vs Full Time Maid

[Published on 24 Aug 2019]

With so many things to juggle at home and at work, it’s sometimes difficult for adults, especially those who are working, to manage their daily tasks all on their own. In fact, in Singapore alone, roughly
20% of households in Singapore hire a foreign domestic helper or more commonly known as maids to assist them with their daily tasks. But when it comes to hiring a maid in Singapore, what is preferable?

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a part time cleaner or a full time domestic maid.

The Part Time Cleaner

A part time cleaner who is commonly known as part time maid as well, is ideal for employers who are hands on with other tasks at home but will still need help for a regularly scheduled house cleaning.


1. Time and service flexibility.

Part time cleaners can be on-call and their service can be scheduled anytime you need them. Their rates will also depend on the frequency, length and coverage of the cleaning service you ask for. Some homeowners hire part time house cleaners at least once a week to do deep cleaning.

2. You get to enjoy the privacy of your own home.

Unlike having a full time maid at home, your part time cleaner will only come to your home whenever you call for them. To some people and families in Singapore, their privacy is important so they prefer to hire part time cleaners instead. This way, you get to have your whole house to yourself at most times.


1. Part time cleaners will have limited availability.

When it comes to hiring part time cleaners, you can’t always guarantee that they will be there to service you on such short notice. Most part time cleaning agencies that provide part time cleaning services will need at least 24 hours of advanced notice for them to be able to provide you a part time cleaner.

2. The scope of their service is limited to cleaning only.

One thing that you won’t be able to do when it comes to hiring part time cleaners is ask them to handle other tasks for you. You can only expect them to clean your house. You can’t ask them to wash, fold and iron clothes, or wash the dishes. For these, you will need to do them on your own or hire a full time maid instead. Additional charges will be required to do those tasks.

The Full Time Maid

Hiring a full time maid is an ideal solution for most busy people who have kids and elderlies to take care of at home, and in addition to the maid job scope, housework and cooking is required as well.


1. You can rely on your maid to handle your household chores.

With a full time house maid around, you can focus on other tasks, such as your kids, work or business. You can have your maid handle all the household chores such as cleaning, washing, mopping, and even cooking, while you get to spend your free time on other things that will need your attention.

2. In time, they can handle tasks independently.

Since they will be doing the same chores for you everyday, they can get used to handling the tasks the way you want them done. They can adjust their activities and time to meet your specific needs. Eventually, you won’t have to keep telling them what to do next and they will be able to do chores independently.


1. You need to adjust to living with a non-relative at home.

Once you hire a full time maid, they will be staying in your home all the time, except on their day off. You will need to provide them a room and space for their belongings. This will also mean that you will have less privacy at home.

Whatever you decide to go with, it’s important to go for a setup that you will be more comfortable with. If you need more help and guidance when it comes to hiring a maid in Singapore, contact us at 6735 3456 for free expert advice.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
What to Remember Before You Hire Maids in Singapore

What to Remember Before You Hire Maids in Singapore

[Published on 24 Jul 2019]

You employ foreign domestic workers (FDW) because they make your life easier. They can help out around the house or help take care of the kids. However, this doesn’t mean that you no longer have a responsibility to them, as an employer, as long as they are doing their job. When you hire maids in Singapore, you should also think about being a good employer so your working relationship is mutually beneficial.

What Are Your Responsibilities as an Employer When You Hire Maids in Singapore?

One of the most common mistakes that employers make is not knowing their
responsibilities to their FDW. They don’t consider their maid’s needs while being very demanding about the needs of the household. Clearly, this arrangement won’t have a good outcome as the maid will feel overworked and underappreciated. So, if you want to hire maids in Singapore, what do you have to remember?

1. You are responsible for your maid’s overall well-being.

Definitely, you should provide your FDW with a comfortable living environment. Make space for her where she can have undisturbed rest and have her privacy. Her room has to have basic amenities such as a comfortable mattress, bedding, curtains, as well as sufficient natural lighting and ventilation. When it comes to daily meals, you need to provide your maid with reasonable and sufficient meals. Food is an important factor to your maid’s well-being and happiness. For most employers, they share the food that they, too, eat. But, if you have a busy lifestyle, and most of the food you consume is fast food, then you should provide your helper with fresh ingredients and condiments for her to make her own meal.

Since well-being also has something to do with one’s happiness, make sure that you treat your help as a human being – with kindness and respect. Definitely, she will reciprocate all of the love that your family is showing her.

2. Come up with an employment contract you and your FDW agree upon.

Before you hire maids in Singapore, you have to come up with an employment contract that will protect you, as the employer, and your maid. It’s much better to have everything in writing because it serves as a guide that allow you and your domestic helper avoid misunderstanding.

What should you include in a contract when you hire maids in Singapore? It should talk about your FDWs wages (and allowances, if applicable), placement loan, total number of rest days per month, compensation in lieu of rest day, notice period, compensation in lieu of termination notice.

Ask your maid employment agency to draw something up for you. You may also ask them about early termination of an employment contract as well as a safety agreement. All of the mentioned content of the employment agreement are essential and should be agreed upon by yourself and your domestic helper.

3. Have her examined every six months.

You have to take note of your domestic helper’s six-monthly medical exam. It is required by MOM (Ministry of Manpower), or else her work permit will be revoked. Doing a checkup every six months ensures that your FDW is healthy and able to work. Take note that you have to shoulder the fee as well as other medical expenses that occur as the result of the six-monthly medical checkup.

4. Give your helper’s wage on time and keep a record of it.

Your employment contract should clearly state the exact date of your domestic helper’s salary. It’s the employer’s responsibility to pay it on time. If you’re running a little late, it’s alright as long as you pay the salary no longer than seven (7) days of the said date on the contract. If you fail to do so, MOM will have to step in. Keep track of the salary you are giving by having your helper receive and sign a payslip. Better yet, as good practice, open a bank account for her so you can deposit the salary there, and she can withdraw it or use her card to purchase anything anytime. The great thing about this is that you can easily track the deposits you’ve made.

5. Spend time with your children.

What does spending time with your children have to do with your hired help? For one, it can lighten her load and give her some rest. It is not ideal to hand over the full responsibility of child rearing to your maid. Although your life is busy, you have to make it a point to spend quality time with your family.

6. Communicate openly when you hire maids in Singapore.

Don’t expect your maid to be perfect. Once she arrives at your home, she is not going to understand how things are done right away. She needs time to adjust and learn. Be patient with her and communicate openly. Talk about what she can and cannot do. Make it clear. In due time, she will understand how your household is run, and will do things on her own initiative.

7. Know the benefits of hiring from a reliable maid agency.

Did you know that you can hire a maid directly? Let’s say a friend of yours is going out of the country and she doesn’t need her maid anymore, so you can direct hire her maid instead. Doing this will allow you to save on maid agency fees. Direct hiring is getting more popular these days but is it safe? The pros and cons must be considered and we will talk about this more in depth in another blog article soon.

However, hiring from a reputable and reliable maid agency like Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is more advantageous because there’s a larger pool of helpers to choose from. You can choose the best one! Also, it’s common for mismatches to occur in direct hiring situations – a maid doesn’t have the necessary skills or attitude to fit the family’s needs. So better to be safe and use a reputable and reliable maid agency that always provides assistance and great after-sales customer service whenever any issue with your hired maid arises.

All of these points are all you need to have a great working relationship with your foreign domestic worker. If you cannot fulfil any of the mentioned responsibilities, then you should think twice and not hire maids in Singapore. Be responsible as an employer.

If you feel that you can fulfil the role of a good employer, then don't hesitate to contact us at 6735 3456 to begin your search for the right maid for your family now!

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
Parenting 101: How to Be a Good Parent

Parenting 101: How to Be a Good Parent

[Published on 17 Jul 2019]

When you become a parent, everything changes. Your daily routine is not yours anymore, and you have to prioritize first the needs of your baby while trying not to compromise yours. Thus, you should welcome all the help you need while striving to be the best parent you can be. How to be good parents?

Whether you have hired help or you are taking care of your children on your own, here are some ways to be a good parent to your child:

1. Be a good role model for your child.

Human species are programmed to imitate other people’s actions and make it their own. Children watch their parents and try to imitate what they are doing thinking that what they are doing is right. That’s why, as parents, it is important to be cautious of what you say and do. If you want your child to behave in a certain, proper way, then set yourself as a good example.

2. Shower them with love through words and actions.

Loving your children doesn’t spoil them, but over-protection, leniency, and material indulgence do. You can show your love to your children by showering them with constant affection such as giving them hugs, playing with them, listening to them, and saying words of love. These can trigger the release of oxytocin, opioids, and prolactin that give contentment and emotional warmth to your child.

3. Be kind yet firm parents.

Create a positive experience your child will remember, and they will also create their own that they can also share with others. You can laugh with them, play with them, sing songs with them, etc. These will be memories that they will treasure as they grow old. However, when it comes to disciplining your child, it becomes hard to remain positive. You have to set limits and be firm when necessary. Try to understand why they are acting in a certain way and explain to them what is good and what is not.

4. Make your presence felt by your child.

Especially when your child feels lonely or afraid, let your child know that you are always there to support them. Be a safe haven your child could go to. Children who are raised by responsive parents have strong emotional and mental development.

5. Communicate with your child.

Communication is the key to understanding. Communicating doesn’t only mean talking with them, you also have to listen to them to fully comprehend them. By keeping communication lines open, you and your child will have a better and stronger relationship until they grow old.

6. Take care of yourself.

Oftentimes, parents tend to neglect their own physical, mental, and emotional health because they are more focus on taking care of their child. That should not be the case. How can you successfully take care of your child if you neglect taking care of yourself? Therefore, you must not overlook yourself and also your spouse. As parents, you should still have quality time together to keep the fire burning. That way, you will be better parents to your children and build a healthy family overall.

Hiring maids doesn’t make you bad parents

There are instances when parents have to ask for help in taking care of their children, especially here in Singapore – especially when both parents or a solo parent has to work for a living. Generally, one parent, either the mother or father, stays at home to take care of the children but that is no longer the case these days. One working parent cannot fully support the increasing needs of the family anymore, thus the need for both parents to work. With this, parents are free to ask for assistance in a Maid Agency in Singapore to hire maids in the region that can look after their child while they are away.

First-time parents can also seek a Maid Agency in Singapore to hire a maid to help them in taking care of their children especially since they are new and unfamiliar to the job. A Maid Agency in Singapore could be the best solution if you want to
hire maids in Singapore that can give your children the best level of care they deserve. Remember, asking for help doesn’t make you less of a parent or a bad parent.

Other alternative solutions that you can do is by hiring a babysitter or even ask your parents to keep an eye on your kids. While these are effective solutions as well, these are not consistent solutions as you can’t have them take care of your child consistently– most babysitters only work for a certain time of the day and your parents could have other personal things to do.

That’s why the most cost-effective and convenient one to do is just simply hire a full-time maid who’ll live in with you to take care of your children. For those who are interested to hire one, it’s important that you rely on a reputable maid agency in Singapore, and you can do just that at Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd – an agency that’s active for over 30 years, assuring you reliable and quality services. You can contact them at 6735 3456 today for clarifications or if you want to hire one now.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.

If you want good children, then be a better parent. You may have asked for help in taking care of them, but it doesn’t make you less of a parent. As long as you make sure that you spend time with your children and do your best to balance work and life well, things should be good to go.
6 Essential Hacks for Working Parents

6 Essential Hacks for Working Parents

[Published on 17 Jul 2019]

The life of a working parent is no walk in the park. Whether you run your own business or are working a 9 to 5 shift as an employee, you will be busy constantly, day in and day out. Trying to balance your work and your personal duties as a parent will take a lot of planning and getting used to. But not everything has to be difficult. To a smart and hardworking parent, there will always be ways to make your everyday chores easier to handle. Here are six simple hacks that will truly work wonders when it comes to getting things done as a working parent.

1. Learn to plan and prioritize

As a parent, you will always have something to keep you busy and occupied. It might feel overwhelming at times and you might wonder how other parents get to keep their sanity no matter how many kids and chores they may be handling. But one important hack that you should apply is planning and prioritization.

Apart from your daily chores, your kids might have a number of school activities that you need to attend to, and of course, you have your work. Everything is important. But there will always be a way for you to lay out everything and plan how you can get everything done on time. Break down every single duty that you have. Plan out your moves and plot everything on your planner so that you can have a better image of the number of tasks that you have at hand.

2. Make a list for your grocery runs

One of the many big tasks that any parent will have to take on is grocery shopping. Whether you decide to bring your kids with you or not, it will still require a lot of time and planning for you to get everything that you need in one go. A good thing to do to prepare for your grocery run is to make a list of everything that you need to buy. This will help you avoid picking up unnecessary items and will also help you save time.

Another time-saving trick for grocery shopping is to schedule it once a week at most. You get to save money on gas, too, if you have to drive your car to the grocer. So check your supplies at home, plan out your meals for the next few days and make a list of everything that your whole family will need for the whole week.

3. Prepare meals in advance

Meal preparation is another time consuming chore. Depending on the meal that you want to prepare, preparing ingredients and cooking everything may take you from at least half an hour to 2 hours. Then of course, you will have to clean up the kitchen and serve the food. But by planning and preparing your meals in advance can help you save time and energy. Cook at least three meals that you can easily store, pack and/or prepare. By preparing a batch of at least three meals in one cooking session, you get to save time on preparing meals for the next day or two.

Simply heat up the meals in the morning. If you have packed them for yourself and your kids’ school lunch, you can just pop them in the microwave to heat up, grab them and be on your way. But if you are not good at cooking, you can always hire a maid who cooks. Any way, to hire a maid in Singapore, it is a very cost-effective solution for most households who have kids as the maid will wear many hats, such as doing the household chores and even caring for your precious young ones too.

4. Create a family calendar

A lot of things can happen in one week. Having a lot of activities to think about and plan your schedule for can be daunting, but as a parent, it’s important that you find ways to spend time with your family no matter how busy you are. A family calendar can be a very helpful tool in helping you and your whole family make adjustments and figure out a strategy that will work to everyone’s advantage.

On your family calendar, plot each family member’s activities. Discuss with your partner and your kids how you can best accomplish everything and be able to attend to all tasks within a certain week. This way, you won’t have to worry about scheduling all on your own, and instead turn it into an arrangement that everyone in your family can be comfortable with.

5. Teach kids to be more independent

Nothing makes a parent prouder than knowing that their kids are big enough to handle a number of tasks on their own. Did you know that as early as two years old, you can already teach a kid how to do things on their own? Aside from teaching them to be more independent, you will also be able to make the most of your time handling a few other tasks at home.

You can start training your child to help clean up and pick up toys once they’re done playing. Or once they are done with their bottle, you can teach them to bring it to the kitchen so you won’t have to spend time looking for it later when it’s time to wash it. You can also help your child learn how to spoon feed on their own, which may turn out to be messy at first, but practice makes perfect! These little chores can help establish the idea of independence and help prepare them for bigger accomplishments and milestones as they grow bigger.

6. Hire a maid from a maid agency in Singapore

Sometimes, even if you plan everything in advance and figure out a strategy to accomplish all of your tasks, things can still be a little overwhelming. If you need help, you can always decide to hire a domestic helper from a maid agency in Singapore. With the busy life that parents are living in right now, many of them are now hiring domestic helpers to assist them in handling house chores and child care.

Whether you decide to handle parenting all on your own or opt to hire maids in Singapore, you should always keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with getting help when it comes to raising your children. Parenting will always be a difficult undertaking, but by implementing the right strategies, it can be easier and can be a very rewarding experience.

If you ever decide to hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW), do not hesitate to contact us at 6735 3456 to learn more about the process to hire a maid in Singapore.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form
here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
6 Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Child

6 Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Child

[Published on 17 Jul 2019]

As a parent, it’s vital to raise your children with discipline as it will mold them into productive individuals in society. Also, if you are planning to hire Filipino maids to help you in raising your kids, it is vital to learn good parenting tips. However, providing discipline to children is wrapped in debate as to what is proper and not. There is a lot of advice from diverging sources on the “right” way of disciplining your child. However, it all boils down into these five parenting tips, which sums up everything these experts on child development have to say. Here are five parenting tips for disciplining your child.

For the working parents
Working parents find themselves in a predicament on how to properly raise their children. Being away from home most of the time is a problem faced by these kinds of parents. However, if you have access to people who you can trust to help you take care of your kids, then everything will definitely be fine. Filipino maids are among the best and sought out caretakers for your kids. If you hire Filipino maids, you’ll tap the tradition of childcare developed in Filipino familial culture, where these six parenting tips are observed.

Establish yourself as a parent Before implementing discipline on your child, you should establish first what kind of parent you are. According to studies, there are three types of parents. Authoritative, Authoritarian, and Permissive or Passive parent.

The Authoritative – is the parent that balances strictness and compassion. It allows a cooperative environment between parent and child to work out problems concerning discipline. It is the goal of every parent to be authoritative when disciplining their children.

The Authoritarian – Is the parent on the far right of the spectrum. This kind of parent demands their children follow their instructions because they are the authority in a household. It doesn’t allow cooperation with their children and forces them to follow instructions without question.

The Permissive or Passive – If an authoritarian demands obedience, the permissive parent is the complete opposite. A permissive parent allows their children to do whatever they want out of the guise of “love.”

Establish your rules In any household, it’s necessary to have some standards set in place. Rules may be simple, like saying “good morning,” or eating together every meal, to drastic ones like lights out at a particular time at night. Rules teach children about obedience, consequences of disobedience, and being honest. Children need to develop a sense of responsibility to cooperate with other people in observing rules that keep things in order. In establishing rules, some things must be considered and put into mind.

● Make sure the rules are there to teach a lesson.
● Make sure rules are for the benefit of everyone if followed.
● Make sure the rules are moral and ethical.
● Make sure rules are considerate and fair.

If your rules fit those criteria, then teaching your kids to follow those will be beneficial for them.

Establish being consistent
A problem in many parents is being consistent in implementing rules inside the household. Parents should agree on how to discipline their children and must not contradict each other. Also, inconsistent rules will confuse children, especially toddlers. So, it is crucial to maintain consistency with your children. If you forbid your kids today to playing computer games for more than one hour, then continue so, tomorrow and the day after that. By being consistent, you will keep the respect of your kids and their observance of rules.

Establish a rewards system
Though this is a controversial topic for some, many do regard that rewarding your child for doing good is beneficial. It helps them value the benefits of doing striving for excellence and empower them to do greater things in life. When kids are capable of understanding, rewarding good deeds are powerful deterrents for them from doing things you don’t tolerate.

Establish an environment of love
Proper discipline predicates from love. It is due to a sheer parental love that forces a parent to try their best to raise their kid upright. With respect, comes discipline and the concept of rewards and punishments. You should always reprimand your kids when they’ve done something wrong. Fighting with other kids, saying bad words, biting, forcibly taking another kid’s toys requires reprimand. Punishments may come in various ways depending on culture, but everything must come out of love.

Physical punishments, though present in some cultures, are not advisable, especially if kids are capable of understanding. A good talk with a toddler is better than spanking your child to instill fear.

Establish respect and manners
For working parents, it is necessary to have people who will help you in raising your kids the right way. Establishing respect is important for your kids as it will help them enter society with respect. When you’re to hire Filipino maids, it is best to cooperate with them to teach your kids how to respect people. Manners, on the other hand, is the result of establishing respect in the minds of your kids.

In the end, all of these tips are predicated in empathy and love towards your kids. These parenting tips for disciplining your child are a summary of many advice read online. So, apply these tips and build a family full of love, hope, and respect, and see your children become better individuals soon.

If you are ready to hire a
Filipino maid to take care of your precious children, do not hesitate to contact us at 6735 3456 to share with us your requirements. Among the other possible choices, such as Indonesian maid, Myanmese maid, Filipino maids are always the preferred choice among many families in Singapore when it comes to taking care of children, mainly due to their better command of the English language.

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
How To Hire From A Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore

How To Hire From A Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore

[Published on 17 Jul 2019]

The expression, “Good help is so hard to find these days” has been said for years. You would think that the problem has been solved by now with one maid agency popping up after another. In some way, the problem of not being able to find good help has been lessened. However, with any development, a new problem appears: how do you hire from a reliable maid agency in Singapore?

Characteristics of a Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore
If you ask any Singaporean family to share their bad experiences with hiring of maids from maid agencies in Singapore, they will most likely tell you that the main problem is dependability. Since the maid will stay with the family for some time, she has to be trustworthy and must be able to meet the family’s needs. The
best maid agency in Singapore will ensure that this happens. Aside from this, you’ll also know that you’re dealing with a reliable maid agency in Singapore if you spot the following characteristics:

Years of Experience
It’s possible to go for a startup maid agency with excellent ratings. But, in this industry, years of experience counts a whole lot. When a maid agency in Singapore has been operating for more than ten years, for example, it likely means that they know how to run a good business with a lot of new and repeat clients. This kind of maid agency knows the industry enough to provide the best service to families that need help.

Definitely, a reliable maid agency in Singapore has to be licensed with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which helps safeguard the interests of the employers and foreign domestic workers. In addition, an award winning maid agency in Singapore like Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is definitely the top choice for most employers in Singapore. And they are accredited with the Philippine Embassy as well, which not many maid agencies in Singapore are.

An excellent maid agency doesn’t just exist for the sake of business. It should aim to connect the right helper with the right employer. Each family has different needs, so it will be unrealistic to say that helper A, for example, can fit into the household of families, B, C, and D. The placement has to be well thought of.

Workforce Quality
Aside from having a personalized approach, a maid agency in Singapore should ensure that their workforce is just as trustworthy as them. Extensive background checks are needed for safety reasons. Plus, a thorough interview needs to be conducted to see to it that potential candidates are serious about working.

Lastly, dealing with a maid agency that doesn’t put clients first is a pain. If the company is only focused on making money without values, ethics and professionalism, it is likely that the service they will provide won’t be satisfactory. From their hiring process to their customer service, they will likely cause clients big headaches.

What Should I Do When I am Ready to Hire from a Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore?

If you think that you have already found the right maid agency, you have to contact them to provide specific details on your exact requirements based on your household needs. They will advise you to complete your Employer’s Orientation Program (EOP) if you are first time employer and to do this, you will first need to sign up for this program with your SingPass or if you don't have a SingPass yet, you can click here to sign up now.

And once you are ready to make a hire, you can also approach the friendly team at Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd at 6735 3456 or simply visit their office at Lucky Plaza #03-52 to hire your next maid!

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.
6 Benefits of Elderly Home Care

6 Benefits of Elderly Home Care

[Published on 17 Jul 2019]

Having an elderly at home is a bliss. It lets everyone feel and better understand the growth and milestones the whole family has been through from one generation to another. It gives the younger generations the opportunity to see how their relatives lived during the olden times. But as your elderly loved ones grow older, there will always be the constant need for someone to look after and care for their needs. This part will always be a challenge, but it is a challenge that is worth facing as a family at home.

Some might feel the need to move their elderly parents or relatives to an elderly home, but that will not always be the best option. Caring for an elderly loved one can be so much better if it is done at home, and there are benefits to it, too. Here are six advantages of elderly home care:

1. Comfort
Home will always be the most comfortable place for all of us. Nursing homes might look comfortable and nice, but nothing beats the feeling of living together with the people that you love dearly. Our elderly family members will of course be feeling the same. No modernity or grandiose facility will give an elderly the same level of comfort that they will feel if they are staying with their children and grandchildren at home.

2. Personalized Care
In nursing homes, elderly people will have to adjust to routines and daily scheduled activities, but not all elderly people will always feel that same level of energy to keep up with the activities in care facilities. Whereas if you care for your elderly family member at home, you can simply hire maids in Singapore to help you provide a much more personalized care for your elderly. This way, you get to provide the love and attention they truly need as compared to the type of care they may get in nursing homes.

3. Cost Efficient
Another good thing about considering elderly home care is the cost. Compared to signing them up for a senior living facility, caring for your elderly at home can save you a lot more money. Maid agencies in Singapore can provide domestic helpers who are experienced in elderly care, and hiring one of these maids trained as a caregiver can be a more cost efficient solution compared to nursing homes.

4. Peace of Mind
Knowing that your aging parent or relative is at home with you can give you peace of mind. When you decide to have them cared for at your own home, you get to see how they are everyday, how they are cared for, what they get to eat, if they have taken their medicine, and if they are happy with their life.

5. Family Involvement
Caring for an elderly loved one is better when everyone in the family is involved. An intergenerational connection within the family can bring in a lot of benefits, especially to the mental and social growth of the children in the household. Keeping your kids close to their grandparents can also help improve their resilience and can help keep them from being ageist. Studies also show that staying close with their grandparents can help protect kids from depression as adults. At the same time, your kids can help grandparents live longer by filling their hearts with love, happiness and fulfillment.

6. Independence
Not all elderly people need constant supervision. One of the most painful things that an elderly person will have to face is their loss of independence. As a family member, it will help if you keep your elderly loved ones at home and give them as much independence as they can handle.

Of course, having someone available to assist them will also be helpful, so you might want to consider hiring a domestic helper from a reliable Singapore maid agency. This way, even if you are away, you can rest assured that someone trustworthy is available to take care of your elderly family member.

No matter how old your elderly family member may be, the greatest gift that you can give them is to be there for them as they grow older. It will be easier for you, too, to keep them active and healthy if you are always there for them, especially if you have everyone in the family involved in helping them out. And if you need an extra set of hands to handle all the house chores involved in
caring for an elderly parent or relative, contact us. As a trusted maid agency in Singapore, we are dedicated to providing families with the best maids equipped with caregiving experience in the industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 6735 3456 for free expert advice on how to hire your next experienced maid with cargiver experience today!

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