Advantages of Hiring Maids from a Maid Agency in Singapore

Advantages of Hiring Maids from a Maid Agency in Singapore

[Published on 18 Oct 2019]

With the busy life that most Singaporeans live in, it has become a necessity for many individuals, especially working parents and business owners, to hire a domestic helper who will maintain their house and take care of their children and family members. But hiring maids in Singapore is not as easy as you might think. The usual concern that most employers worry about is the ability and trustworthiness of the domestic helper they plan to hire.

This is why many employers prefer to get in touch with maid agencies in Singapore if they are thinking about hiring domestic helpers also known as foreign domestic workers or just FDW in short. Here are some of the different benefits of hiring maids from a maid agency in Singapore.

1. Most maid agencies in Singapore conduct high quality selection.

To find the right maid for you and your family, maid agencies go through a rigorous process of selecting the perfect maid that will suit your needs. If you need someone who is good with child care, they will provide you with a maid experienced in child care. If you want a maid with experience in elderly care, then that is what they will provide you with. No matter what your preferences are, partnering with a maid agency can be the best route if you want to find the best and most trustworthy maids to hire.

2. You get professional consultation and assistance.

It makes a huge difference to know that you have experienced people to provide you with reliable services. This is one great benefit of hiring a maid through an agency. You can rely on the experienced staff of the agency to answer your questions, provide you with credible advice and pair you up with the right domestic helper based on your needs.

Moreover, their service goes beyond the hiring stage. They will prepare all the important documents for you, follow up on what other steps you need to accomplish and check in on how you and your maid are doing once you have employed a maid. Some agencies also visit the home of employers to make sure that both the employer and the domestic helper are living and working together harmoniously.

3. Maid agencies train their maids.

Most maid agencies in Singapore usually train their maids first before allowing employers to hire them. This is also one way for them to make sure that their reputation as a maid agency, as well as those of the employer and the maid, are protected. Maid agencies provide different types of trainings and certifications to make sure that their maids are ready and fit to work. Some agencies also partner up with other training and employment organizations to make sure that all parties get to make the most of the services that they provide as a maid agency.

4. Maid Agency in Singapore do implement strict recruitment processes.

A maid agency values the integrity and reputation that their business holds. It is important that they match employers with only the best maids in Singapore. This is why before recruiting a domestic helper, maid agencies see to it that each of their helpers have complete documents, gained relevant experiences and maintain a good reputation no matter where they are from.

5. Maid agencies treat you as a partner during your maid’s employment.

A great thing about working with a maid agency is you get to find the perfect maid to work with and have a reliable maid agency to consult with anytime you need help. At the same time, these maid agencies do more than just help you find the right maid to employ. They also help make sure that you and your domestic helper maintains a harmonious working relationship with the duration of your maid’s contract.

They also conduct surveys to find out what part of their services need improvement or if the employer has some feedback regarding their maid’s performance. Maid agencies assure follow- through on all aspects of the contract. This way, they get to deliver satisfactory services to their clients and maintain a good reputation as a business.

It is normal to feel hesitant or doubtful about hiring a maid, especially if this is your first time doing so. But by knowing who to talk to and by having a reliable company to discuss your concerns with, you get to have a better understanding of what to do if you want to hire a domestic helper. Working with a maid agency will always be the best solution if you want to hire a maid in Singapore.

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