How to hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore?

How to hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore?

[Published on 06 Mar 2021]

1st Way - Takeover your relative's or friend's or colleague's maid if they don't need her services any more. Your relative's children are older already and don't need a maid in the house. Or your friend may have lost his/her job and don't need a maid anymore. Or just maybe, your colleague is leaving the country as he/she is posted to another country, so don't need their maid anymore. Whatever the reason or scenario, this is the best possible choice for you as you will save the most money and have a true account of the maid's performance as I am sure your relative, friend or colleague will have no reason to lie to you to make you takeover their maid right?

And if you are unsure how to proceed to getting a Work Permit for the transfer maid you will takeover, simply approach our maid agency and this is called a "Direct Hiring". So our agency will simply charge you a documentation fee to take charge of submitting the Work Permit application to the Ministry of Manpower on your behalf.

2nd Way - Take a look at online forums / groups to post your job requirements and offer or simply reach out to a transfer maid who has posted more information about herself online. Be wary of illegal agents who have no license to operate as a recruiter, they may approach you to hire their maid which you should not deal with them as it is illegal and you may get cheated of your money. Best is to report them to the relevant authorities as well.

Once again, if you have managed to interview any of them which is easy to do so, but the hard part is when you are ready to proceed to submit the Work Permit application to the MOM, but you DO NOT have the release paper signed by her employer because the employer refused to give her a release paper. So what can you do about it? Nothing. What has just happened is actually very common especially so during this pandemic because many employers are not finding it easy to hire a maid themselves, so they rather not release their current maid to you. So you wasted your time basically and have to repeat the whole process again.

Therefore, when going through this route, first thing to ask the maid who claims she can transfer is, "do you have a release paper signed by your employer?" If she said no or maybe, then it's best not to waste your time on interviewing her.

By the way, click here for a guide on what questions to ask the maid during the interview.

3rd Way - Using the services of a maid agency to hire a transfer maid in Singapore. This way does cost you quite a bit especially during this pandemic due to the shortage of transfer maids available in Singapore, as many employers are not willing to release their current maid for transfer because they can't get a replacement so easily as pre-covid. Hence, this shortage has caused the Agency Fee associated to hire a transfer maid in Singapore to skyrocket. The other reason is also because most maid agencies in Singapore now do not do the same volume like they used to pre-covid, especially when it comes to placing a maid who is currently overseas because of the high quarantine fee involved which resulted in many employers putting on hold their hiring plans or simply opting to hire a maid currently in Singapore and able to transfer. Do note that the quarantine fee to be paid to our Government currently as of 6th March 2021, does costs about $1,800 which include the Covid-19 Tests required. So to make up for the loss volume or loss of business from the placement of a maid from overseas, most maid agencies in Singapore have increased their Agency Fee to close to $2,000 or even over $2,000 for the more established maid agency. And it pays to deal with an established maid agency as their reputation is everything to them, rest assured that such agency will definitely share the real reason on why the maid is on transfer with you. Be wary of transfer maids with high loans, it basically means they are "rejected". The best kind of transfer maid is the one who has no loan and finished her latest contract.

A good indication that the maid agency is doing a good job in matching the right maid to the right family is to look at their retention rate. Currently, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd has one of the highest retention rate which is testament that they have been matching their maid well.

But overall, it's still cheaper no matter what when compared to hiring a maid from overseas. It's half as cheap to hire a transfer maid now in other words. So until there is no more requirement for quarantine for a maid arriving from overseas, the demand for transfer maids in Singapore will only continue to rise.

So if you can't wait for the pandemic to be over and for the hiring cost of a transfer maid to decline before making your decision to hire a transfer maid, then do take action now. Call us at 6735 3456 or simply submit your requirements online. Thank you!

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