Elderly Care: Hiring a Maid VS Nursing Home

Elderly Care: Hiring a Maid VS Nursing Home

[Published on 24 Aug 2019]

Cleaning, cooking, and other household chores can be a tedious task for an elderly. As they age, most elderlies lose their mental and physical capabilities, and taking care of them is not an easy task. There comes a time when an elderly require a bit of outside help in order to get by with his/her day-to-day activities.

Due to this, most of them opt to either move into a nursing home or hire a full-time foreign maid. Making this choice is not easy as each option comes with its own pros and cons. Nursing homes allow you or your loved one to enjoy socialisation and 24-hour access to medical care. They are a good option for an elderly who need more assistance and medical care. This includes personal care needs, skilled medical care, preparing meals, laundry, ADL’s, and many more.

However, most seniors and their loved ones prefer the services of the best maid agency to source for qualified maid as opposed to checking into a nursing home. This is because they get personalised care, be close to their families, and get to keep their independence. Also, hiring a maid is a great option for elderlies who don’t want to leave their homes. In fact, studies have shown that a high number of seniors prefer to stay in their homes.

The ideal maid will ensure that you live safely and comfortably at home as you age. They can cook, clean, and care for you and ensure that you get companionship.

Benefits of Hiring a Maid

There are numerous advantages associated with hiring a maid for you or your elderly parent. They include the following:

1. Personalised Attention

While it is common for a nursing home to forget your needs or that of your loved ones as you don't get undivided attention at the nursing home as the ratio of a nurse to elderlies could be 1 to 10, whereas you can be guaranteed personalised care when you hire a maid to take care of your elderly in the comfort of his/her home. The best Singapore maid agency will ensure that you hire the right maid who will meet all your needs and wants and also give you the one-on-one attention your elderly deserve. This comes in handy when dealing with illnesses that are brought about by age.

2. Personalised Meals

As your elderly parents age, it can get daunting to prepare personalised meals. More frequently than not, meals in nursing homes are not personalised and are usually scheduled for specific times each day. Therefore, if your elderly parents want to enjoy a decent meal every day, seeking the services of a foreign maid is the way to go as she will be able to adjust the taste of the food to your elderly parents' liking.

3. Assistance with Daily Activities

Basically, the elderly need assistance with daily activities such as general housekeeping, meal preparation, medical reminders, and transportation. In order to help with this, it would be a good idea to hire maids in Singapore who can stay as long and as little as you need them. They can take care of your elderly parent and complete other household chores with ease.

4. Affordable Option

Although thought otherwise, hiring a maid is a cheaper option compared to receiving care at a nursing home. This is especially true for seniors who just need a few hours of help each day. It is less expensive to hire a maid per hour than it is to move into a nursing home.

5. Proximity to Family

Another benefit why you should hire a full-time maid is because your elderly parent will live right at home and be close to your beloved family members. More often than not, nursing homes may be located far from home, and this makes it difficult for your family members to visit your elderly parents as often as they would like.

6. Allows you to Retain Independence

In most cases, living in a nursing home makes one lose their independence. Luckily, this is not the case when you hire a maid from a maid agency in Singapore that meets your requirements. Once you hire a full-time maid in Singapore, you will get the help and services you need at the comfort of your home. Providing these services at familiar surroundings goes a long way in boosting the seniors’ self-esteem and retain their sense of independence.

If you are an elderly, hiring a maid could be very beneficial as you won’t have to strain yourself doing different chores. It would be difficult to maintain your home and take care of yourself. With a maid, your outlook on life will also improve, and this will enable you to live a more independent life.

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