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Indonesian Ex-Singapore Maid - Erni A10032738 | Universal.sg Willing 2 Days Off
About Erni

Erni is an experienced Indonesian helper. She worked in Singapore for 8 yrs and in Malaysia for 3 yrs. She prefer to work with Expat family. She has experience and still willing to take care of babies and children. She love to take care of dogs and cats. And she has interest in cooking, usually she learn how to cook from recipe book and youtube. She described herself simple, honest and trustworthy. She is willing to to accept 2 days off in a month.
- Chela, UEA Interviewer

Erni (A10032738)


: Ex-Singapore


: Indonesian

Place of Birth

: Temanggung


: 34


: 1.55 m


: 60 kg


: Muslim

Marital Status

: Single

Age of Children

: NA

Education Level

: High School

Other Qualification


Basic Salary & Day Off

: $700 & 4 Days Off

Last Drawn Salary & Day Off

: $680 & 2 Days Off

Available From

: Anytime


Able to speak:

Able to understand:


Bahasa Indonesia


Bahasa Indonesia

Able to understand:


Bahasa Indonesia


Are you willing to have NO day off?

: No

Are you able to work with another helper?

: No

Are you prepared to take off on a weekday?

: No

Are you willing to wash car?

: Yes

Can you handle pork?

: Yes

Can you swim?

: No

Do you eat pork?

: No

Can you handle pets?

: Yes

Have you suffered from any allergy?

: No

Can you handle dogs?

: Yes

Are you able to accept a vegetarian diet?

: Yes

Can you handle cats?

: Yes


Working Experience:

Able to cook:

Care for Newborn

Care for Children

Chinese Food

Western Food

Indonesian Food

Able to follow recipes

Able to cook :

Chinese Food

Western Food

Indonesian Food

Able to follow recipes


Singapore: 2 Employers for 8 Years & Month
Malaysia: 1 Employer for 3 Years & Month


Name of Employer

: Mdm Maria

Date of Employment

: Nov 2011 to Oct 2018


: Singaporean Indonesian

Total Family Members

: 4

Type of Residence

: Landed

Present Age of Child

: 23 & 21

Country of Employment

: Singapore

Present Age of Elderly

: NA

Reason for Leaving

: Finished 3 Contract. I want to have a change of employer to have new experience.

Job Scope

General Housework


Care for Pets

Buy Groceries / Marketing

Interviewer Remarks

She mainly do household chores and taking care of the pets. Employer has 1 big dog and a cat. She feed them, shower and walk the dog every morning and evening. She also do gardening, sweep the ground, water the plants and cut grass. She only cook sometimes, because her Ma'am usually cook for them. She also do marketing sometimes on her own and sometimes with employer. And she wash 2 cars everyday. She also worked in Malaysia for 3 yrs, she took care of a baby since new born but up to 6 month only because the baby had some problem in her heart and employer bring her to China for medication. Whens he took care of the child, she sleep with her at night and do night feeding. She also take her a bath, change diaper and feed her. Both her employer are working. She do household chores and cooking. After 3 yrs that she's been working with them, Employer decided to moved to China and Erni went back home.

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