What are the Main Differences between a New Maid and a Transfer Maid?

What are the Main Differences between a New Maid and a Transfer Maid?

[Published on 24 Aug 2019]

In Singapore, typically, there are two types of maids that are hired: a new maid and a transfer maid. Do you know what the difference is? If you have the specific needs of your family in mind, then you have to learn to differentiate one from the other so you can hire a foreign domestic worker (FWD) who is the right fit.

New Maid VS Transfer Maid, Which One Should You Hire?

When you hear the term “new maid,” it refers to a person who has had no experience as a domestic helper in Singapore. When hired, it will be her first time to take care of a family as a domestic helper in Singapore. Because of her inexperience, she will have to undergo training which requires a lot of patience on your part.

However, a new maid or also known as fresh maid will be more willing to work with fewer days off (one day or no day off at all).

The PROS and CONS of Hiring a New Maid

PRO #1: Aside from being flexible with her days off, she might also be willing to accept a lower salary offer. It’s like hiring a newly-graduated college student in an office. This person doesn’t automatically get the salary of the top workers because of her inexperience.

PRO #2: You can train a new maid from scratch. Because she is new, she’ll be open to whatever it is that you teach her. She’ll also have a quicker time adjusting to your home’s culture because she is starting from zero, so to speak.

CON #1: Although she may have an easy time adapting to your household, the opposite could be true when she gets her day off. Not being familiar with specific places in Singapore can be a problem to your new helper. She may end up wandering around. Since she doesn’t have friends yet, she could get mixed up with bad company that may influence her working ethics.

CON #2: As the employer, you will be responsible for shouldering all of the expenses needed for your new maid to arrive and work in Singapore. This means travelling expenses, paper work, and agency fees. The costs involved will be much higher than hiring a transfer maid already in Singapore.

If hiring a new maid doesn’t seem suitable for you despite knowing the PROS and CONS, maybe a transfer maid is a better fit. She’s someone who already has experience working in Singapore. She is called a transfer maid because she may want to transfer from one employer to another employer without going back home. Most families in Singapore prefer transfer maids because they already have the experience, but, of course, there are always PROS and CONS to hiring one.

PRO #1: Since a transfer maid is already in Singapore, employers will be able to have a face to face interview with her, and ask her about her skills, experiences, and employment background. This works to the advantage of the hiring family as they will be able to choose the best candidate with less hassle and easier to judge if there is good chemistry during the interview.

PRO #2: They already have an established routine on their day off (meeting friends, going to church, going around malls, and the like). You don’t have to worry about them getting lost or not being able to properly adjust because of the culture in a new country.

CON #1: A transfer maid could bring her old habits to a household. She could already have her own way of doing things which you, as an employer, could find hard to correct. Retraining could become a chore when the transfer maid is not adaptable to change.

CON #2: If you’re going to hire a transfer maid, you may need to offer a higher salary plus a minimum of two or weekly days off. Since she has the experience and has been working for a while in Singapore, she will surely see these as basic job perks. The more experienced helpers may even request for Public Holidays off which isn't mandatory as per the Ministry of Manpower guideline when it comes to days off for the Foreign Domestic Workers.

Think about the PROS and the CONS listed on this article. Whether you want to hire a new maid or a transfer maid, it’s always best to set your expectations through a contract so both parties know what their responsibilities are. Also, always remember to hire an FWD from a reliable maid agency like Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd. Doing so will definitely be a deciding factor in finding the perfect maid for your family. Do contact us at 6735 3456 if you are ready to hire a new maid or a transfer maid today!

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.

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